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Digital Transformation in the Energy 
Sector Forum 2024

26-27-28 JUNE 2024, IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Van der Valk Hotel Schiphol

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About the Event  

Digital Transformation in the Energy Sector Forum

Digitalisation has an impact along the entire energy value chain, ranging from generation to transport, distribution, supply and consumption. A system-wide approach and the support of EU countries to promote the cooperation between digital and energy stakeholders are needed so that the digitalisation of energy can better contribute to reach the EU’s ambitious political priorities, including the European Green Deal and making the EU fit for the digital age.

As the technological transformation from analog to digital advances, digital technologies will make energy systems more connected, intelligent, efficient, reliable and sustainable over the coming decades. Technologies that can improve the way we use energy and help find solutions to decarbonise our energy systems include information and communication technologies (ICT), modern sensors, big data and artificial intelligence, and the internet of things.

Digitalisation and the extensive use of data comes with a set of challenges, and requires preserving high privacy, security, safety and ethical standards, particularly for cyber security matters. Ensuring that the ICT sector is efficient and environmentally friendly in its operation and energy consumption is also important. In addition, the development of digital solutions needs an infrastructure fit for the future, with common standards, gigabit networks and secure clouds of both current and next generations. Such an infrastructure is instrumental so that consumers can benefit from new ways to engage in the energy transition and from better services based on digital innovations and more efficient energy use, as well as energy savings.

The major focus of investments is on improving their organisations’ cloud and security infrastructures. SaaS, AI & ML, IIoT, intelligent automation, and blockchain and DLT are among the other most commonly implemented technologies in the sector.

Key aspects of energy digitalisation:

  1. AI

  2. SCADA and data security

  3. Data management optimisation

  4. Predictive maintenance (including virtual power plants and asset integrity tools)

  5. Monitoring systems to ensure energy security

  6. Navigating new roadmap and establishing effective partnership strategies with between end-users and solution providers 

End-Users: Oil&Gas companies, Utilities, DSOs (the whole energy sector)


Job titles: Lead data scientist, IT Architect, AI Enabler, Head of Information Technology, Head of Digital Transformation, AI Implementation Specialist, Data Security Manager, Innovations Manager, Digitalisation Lead

Vendors: AI providers (software companies), Digital Tools Developers

Examples: SAS, Deloitte, ABB, Eaton,  Intel.


• Use of Blockchain Technology in Data Security

• Implementation of Green Blockchain Initiatives

• Artificial Intelligence Essence in Big Data Analytics Workloads

• Augmented Business Process Management Systems

• How the Internet of Things Drives the Adoption of Streaming Analytics

• The Growth of the Fifth-Generation Mobile Network (5G)

• Codeless Machine Learning Application in Big Data Management

• Demystify the topic of big data

• The Essence of Cloud Migration in Business Intelligence Software

• Link big data decisions to ROI

• The Rise in Popularity of Predictive Analytics

• Hear about successful projects and understand the applications to your operations

• See technologies first-hand and learn from experts

• Find ideas and resources to improve, accelerate, new applications

• Meet like-minded professionals facing similar challenges

• Find technology solution providers

• Learn from and connect with leading experts


Meet  2023 Speakers


What You Will Learn


Improve operational efficiency


Gain actionable insights from data


Enable the workforce

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